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Poster of definitions and meanings of major chakras – ENGLISH


UGS : POS-CH1-EN Catégories : , ,


Poster poster of 50×70 cm

This poster is intended to serve as a support or memory aid for schools and/or yoga students.

Information displayed:

Name of chakras
Images of the chakras
Sanskrit letters from the chakras
Colors of the chakras
Mantras of the Chakras
Physical organs related to chakras
Keywords of the chakras
Gems (stones) linked to chakras
Chakra-related essential oils
Music notes related to chakras
Planets linked to chakras
Endocrine glands related to chakras
Chakra-related senses
Chakra-related elements
Mudras of the Chakras
The Prânâ vayus linked to the chakras
Number of chakra petals
The top 3 nadis
Triguna de Sushumna
The 3 granthis
The positive effects
Negative effects

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Dimensions 60 × 7,5 cm


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